Welcome to SV Global Links
    SV Global Links is a nonprofit educational organization which recognizes our planet as one global inter-connected community.  Our VISION is simply to
    make the world a better place for all of us.  We work to inspire, empower, encourage, and educate people the world over to build for the common good.  
    We open minds, doors, and networks to doing business in a more thoughtful way, ultimately creating shifts in thinking which benefit the whole of society.  

    To that end, SV Global Links offers IMMERSION STUDY TOURS to innovative Silicon Valley companies which demonstrate that dynamic economy in
    action.  There, aspiring entrepreneurs, business executives and catalytic leaders can observe, experience, and learn about the Silicon Valley
    phenomenon.  Armed with this knowledge, the challenge is for participants to launch values-driven ventures which are more impactful, innovative, and
    sustainable upon returning to their own communities, thereby transforming their world--and ours.
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Building Entrepreneurial Communities
Come explore Silicon Valley and grow your knowledge of the entrepreneurial world!